Progressive or sudden hair loss is hard to live with

Hair loss, whether progressive or sudden, is usually hard to live with.

Alopecia has an aesthetic impact, but also social and psychological consequences. Indeed, the alteration of the image is often accompanied by a lack of trust, leading to limited social interactions. Due to lack of confidence, many people prefer to stay at home, and do not have to be confronted with others.

This alopecia, most of the time transient, can be caused by several reasons: stress, deficiencies (zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron), some medical treatments, anorexia, a thyroid problem... Our approach aims to fight against transient alopecia by informing you against these risks.


Hair growth treatments

Our aim: formulate a range of care designed to promote hair growth in the event of transient alopecia.

The purpose of this treatment is to help you recover dense and homogeneous hair more quickly.

We have designed and formulated 2 treatments, which accompany you during the phases of your transient alopecia. On a smooth scalp or with newborn hair, the gel serum promotes better penetration of the active ingredients. Then, when your hair has reached a certain length, a non-greasy lotion continues the hair reactivation.

Natural treatments 

We are very rigorous in the selection of the ingredients of our treatments, and are convinced that Nature offers the best and most effective.

In that way, in order to preserve your physiological balance, our treatments are 98% and 99% of natural origin.

The main active ingredient has proven its effectiveness in « in vitro » clinical studies and then on volunteers with grade 3 and 4 alopecia. This active ingredient allows, on a hair with an average of 150,000 hairs, an average growth of 13,600 additional hairs in 3 months*.


An ethical and associative approach

In order to offer you the most appropriate care, we want to be attentive to your needs and expectations.

The purpose of this treatment is to help you recover dense and homogeneous hair more quickly.

To this end, we have established partnerships with patient associations throughout France. Thanks to these collaborations, we get direct feedback on the use of our serums. And it also allows us to promote access to our care for those who cannot afford it, through donations and promotional offers.

Distributed in pharmacies

Because we focus on Safety, REDACTIV treatments are distributed exclusively on our website and the physical pharmacies selected for their approach and their ability to advise their patients. 

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