Stéphane PAULET Laboratoire RENASCOR

A meeting unlike any other

In 1980, Stéphane PAULET, then a child, became friends with the son of a hair technician. He spends a lot of time in the family institute and is already interested in hair.

He grew up... and in 2011, with this friend and Laurence ALIBERT, they create an online hair care shop, distributing the biggest brands of shampoos, hair stylists and hair care products in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The story could have ended there.

However, three years later, one of her close friends told him that she developed cancer and refused chemotherapy treatment to not lose her hair. He does research, and realizes that this choice is common to 4% of diagnosed people. Stéphane PAULET then understood the social value of hair and the consequence of its loss during the illness.

January 2015 beginning of the adventure

With Laurence ALIBERT, he undertook a worldwide monitoring, and noticed that there is no hair care specific to the post-chemotherapy problem.

At the beginning of 2015, he gathered a team of experts under the aegis of Catherine TAURIN, an exceptional scientist and hair specialist, who has built a solid reputation in the USA and Europe. It will take him more than two years of work.

A responsible laboratory 

Stabilized in 2017, innovative formulations, 98% and 99% natural origin, are being developed at the same time as the Company.

The head office, R&D laboratory and production are based in Paris. The company's other activities are located in the south of France in Béziers.

Sharing this innovation, being a Responsible Citizen Laboratory, are at the heart of Stéphane PAULET's and RENASCOR's concerns. Thus, in order to facilitate access to care, partnerships with patient associations, such as the League against Cancer 34, are signed each year.