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  • Non-greasy lotion
  • Denser, stronger, faster growing hair
  • 98% natural composition
  • Bottle 100ml, 1 month of treatment
  • Made in France
soin gel REDACTIV2 pour pousse cheveux post chimiothèrapie

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Bénéfices de REDACTIV2®

Scalp restoration 

Faster transition from hair to growth phase

Non-greasy and long-lasting hydration of the hair shaft

Anti-hair loss action

Better hair anchoring


REDACTIV1® & REDACTIV2®Care based on Minoxidil® or derivatives
Efficiency +13,600 hair ( best result +28.200) +1,700 hair
Persistence of benefits after stopping the treatment Yes No : loss of benefits upon discontinuation of treatment
Type of treatment REDACTIV1® gel serum REDACTIV2® non-greasy lotion Multi-brand lotions or pills
Active ingredients 99% natural origin formulation for REDACTIV1®.
98% natural origin formulation for REDACTIV2®.
Side effects No known side effects Local itching, hypotension, headaches, excessive hairiness, decreased male libido, chest pains
Distribution network
Pharmacies and hyper-selective network
Hairdresser, super and hypermarket, pharmacies, website

Clinical Study

  • Double-blind study on 36 volunteers
  • 2 groups, one with the active ingredient of REDACTIV® vs. placebo
  • Study under the supervision of a dermatologist

After 3 months, the REDACTIV group increased the percentage of hair in the anagen phase (hair growth phase) (+8.9%) and decreased the percentage of hair in the telogen phase (hair loss phase) (-16.9%).

etude clinique sur le Redactiv2 pousse du cheveu
  • +13,600 new hair on average in the upper tercile
  • Up to 28,200 new hairs on the best preserved result


    • Treatment of transient alopecia in adults and children over 3 years of age (environmental - stress -exhaustion- anemia - hormonal disorder).
    • Treatment against andogenic alopecia of grade 1 to 4 on the Ludwig scale.

REDACTIV2® promotes the passage of the bulb into the anagen phase, stimulates hair growth through cell reactivation, protects cells from apoptosis and improves the anchoring of new hair.

Safety precautions

Any chemotherapy treatment. Start applying the treatment AFTER the last session.

Application advice

Appliquer le gel sérum Redactiv2

Split hair into parts

Etaler le sérum Redactiv2 sur le crane

Apply the serum part by part by spraying it directly onto a clean scalp

Masser et ne surtout pas rincer Redactiv2

Massage gently with fingertips to let the serum penetrate. Do not rinse.

Optimize your growth with 3 months of treatment

sérum gel soin redactiv 2

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* Average of the best results obtained during the clinical study of Redensyl® double-blind versus placebo of 36 volunteers with grade 3 or 4 alopecia for 3 months. Average result: +10 200 hairs. Better result: +28 200 hairs.