Innovating with the best of nature

Active ingredients, technical processes, formulations: research and innovation are part of the DNA of Laboratoire RENASCOR.

Our treatments are 98 and 99% natural in origin to be in line with our values and our ecological commitment. We formulate innovative treatments to reactivate hair growth during temporary hair loss for both men and women. It is because we want to keep this technological lead that guarantees that our treatments will be the most innovative and efficient that we invest massively in research.


Research connected to its patients

We partner with patient associations, including the Cancer League 34. As part of this collaboration, we offer our care so that the most disadvantaged patients can benefit from it. And we are as close as possible to users' expectations thanks to satisfaction questionnaires that help us in the development of our future treatments. We build them together.

Laboratoire RENASCOR is a French start-up supported by the French innovation support organizations, BPI & AD'OCC