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Working despite cancer

Working despite cancer

Published : 2019-11-07 - Categories : Better living after cancer , Live better with cancer , Our news

Some types of cancer can lead to both physical and psychological disabilities. Finding a job, « in cancer mode », is not always easy. In most cases, people with cancer prefer to focus on their recovery. They stop working or looking for a job. Nevertheless, some individuals still manage to carry out professional activities despite cancer. It is precisely for these men and women that the French association Action Margaux was founded.  The institution’s ultimate goal is to offer job opportunities to people with cancer. The group connects job seekers with recruiters. 

Diverged opinions amongst recruiters

Some employers are reluctant to hire people with cancer. Others are more accommodating. 

In France, an employee was dismissed by her employer after a positive breast cancer screening. This was the case "Corinne Heileman against Poissy's medical practice". In Hong Kong, an employee, Baby Jane Allas, was given compensation by her employer who fired her after she learned she had cervical cancer. 

Florence Florenza, a self-entrepreneur with breast cancer, prefers not to alarm her employees with the news, and strives to hide her actual health condition. Régis, one of her employees, suffers from  lung cancer and is worried about his situation within the company. After some discussions, she managed to reassure him. After his recovery, his job will still be waiting.

Working is a matter of will

The last two examples cited above show that having a professional life despite cancer is possible. Although this disease affects patients, physically and sometimes mentally, some people are still able to cope with it, and to keep on doing their professional activities.  So, working or not during cancer? It is all a matter of will. 

(Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash)

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