When cancer is related to work

When cancer is related to work

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In Canada, the Crown corporation Hydro-Québec has to compensate one of its electricians for this latter’s cancer. The causal link between his work and his disease has been established. 

 Repeated exposure to asbestos

Asbestos is a material with multiple uses. Non-corrosive, insulating and heat-resistant, this substance was formerly used in building construction materials (cement, plaster, etc.), in accessories (brake pads, adhesives) and in certain electrical installations. Asbestos is toxic and carcinogenic. The IARC of the WHO classifies it as a category 1 carcinogen. It is also considered as the responsible for  lung, colon, pharynx and larynx cancers. This last pathology is the one that affects the Hydro-Québec employee. For more than 20 years, this employee has been exposed daily to asbestos during his work for this electricity company.

Hydro-Québec does not deny the accusations

The Canadian energy company agrees to compensate the employee with laryngeal cancer, but only to the extent of his responsibilities. The employee had been exposed to asbestos during his previous employment. Hydro-Québec defends itself before the court, claiming shared responsibility. According to this firm, "the worker's past jobs are as responsible for laryngeal cancer due to asbestos exposure as them. »

You must be careful and knowledgeable about materials that contain asbestos. A well-informed person is worth two

Cancer,all concerned!

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