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When cancer gets into politics

When cancer gets into politics

Published : 2019-11-29 - Categories : Our news

Rich or humble, young or old, adult or child, cancer makes no difference.

It is essential to be aware of the fact that we all have a 40% risk of developing cancer in our lifetime. 

Studies reveal that we will all be impacted by the disease, directly or indirectly.

Politicians are not exempt from this terrible rule.

The last politician to announce his illness is a Canadian Member of Parliament for Ottawa Jimm Carr.

Jimm Carr announced in a press release that he had a form of blood cancer, and that he will be treated with chemotherapy and dialysis. 

How did he discover the disease?

Jimm Carr visits his general practitioner for what appears to be flu. The doctor is suspicious about the diagnosis and suggests further examination. The results are clear: Multiple myeloma.

Now, the MP's entourage is encouraging him to fight his disease.

Cancer, we are all concerned!

(Photo by Marco Oriolesi on Unsplash)

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