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When cancer becomes a family history

When cancer becomes a family history

Published : 2019-12-05 - Categories : Our news

Charlotte Tabary, mother of two children, went through a real tragedy. Her grandmother died of stomach cancer. Her mother lost her battle against cancer on the day her son was born. Her aunts are also carriers of breast cancer genes. Although only temporarily, screening is the sole option that could lift away her worries as regards her sons ‘health.

A fate that seems all mapped out, and physical sacrifices

In Charlotte's family, cancer is hereditary. After a cancer diagnosis, she discovered that three members of her family, including her, had a mutant gene that promoted the development of gastric and breast cancer. She says "we simply needed to do blood and saliva tests to get the confirmation: out of 5 siblings, we are four carriers. »

Organ removal has become a routine procedure in Charlotte's family. 15 stomach amputations in six years. Charlotte, herself, already had her stomach and both her breasts removed. It is always better to live with one or two fewer organs than to die of cancer.

An amazingly strong spirit

Despite her situation, this mother of two children is very involved in the fight against cancer. She is grateful to her forebears for the screening examinations they have done. Charlotte is determined, when she was diagnosed with cancer, "my grandmother, my mother may have saved our lives without us being aware of it. »His two sons will be tested at 18. She actively takes part in raising awareness about early cancer detection. Her near future plan is to create an association and to reach as many people as possible.

(Photo by Oliver Cole on Unsplash)

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