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When breast cancer happens to men

When breast cancer happens to men

Published : 2019-11-18 - Categories : Our news

Breast cancer is the type that is most talked about. Women represent largest number of cases. They capture media attention, supportive care professionals. However, it is important to understand that men can develop by this form of cancer. There are more than 600 of them every year. They have the same questions as women, the same fears, the same treatments, the same consequences.

... with one detail: Breast cancer in men is taboo

Men tend to not pay much attention to their health. So if you are of the male gender and have cancer, this is for you.

Extremely rare in men means that you have a low risk of having it... not that you are immune. So listen to your body and if the following symptoms are visible, report them to your GP.

- Presence of a hard, painless lump near or below the nipple

- Nipple discharge or bleeding

- Nipple pointing inwards

- Pain in the pectoral muscles

- Chain of lymph nodes palpable in the hollow of the armpit.

Dear gentlemen, like any cancer, the sooner breast cancer is treated, the more likely you are to beat it. So don't wait for other late symptoms to appear. 

What are these "late" symptoms?

- Weight loss

- Bone pain

- Coughing or shortness of breath


Be vigilant. 

Cancer, all concerned!

(Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash)

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