What do I know about Keytruda?

What do I know about Keytruda?

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Visible improvements in the patient's condition are observed after the use of Keytruda®. The results published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology are encouraging. When used alone, this drug adds 3 or more years to the patient's life. The medical journal Prescrire recommends Keytruda. 

How does it work?

Being an excellent Immunotherapy treatment, Keytruda® amplifies the body's immune responses to cancer cells. Strengthened by Keytruda® the patient's body is becomes more resistant. The disease begins to heal, and all this with no intolerance.

At what price to use it?

Keytruda® can be used as a first-line weapon to fight cancer. It can also be prescribed to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy. 

The patient does not need to be hospitalized to receive it. It is administered intravenously in a single dose or in two stages. A single injection costs more than €5,000. 

Good news! 

On French soil, Keytruda is now refunded by the health insurance for the following types of cancers :

-small cell bronchial lung cancer;

-bladder cancer;


-Hodgkin's lymphoma;

-Metastatic lung cancer. 

Do you have any of these cancers? Here's one more obstacle that has been removed. Why wouldn’t you get yourself treated!

Cancer,all concerned!

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