Thyroid cancer: no more ablations!

Thyroid cancer: no more ablations!

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Screening for thyroid cancer always requires a puncture or tissue sampling.  Recently, Israeli scientists have developed an innovative procedure that enables to diagnose thyroid cancer without going through surgery.

A test that’s 94% safe

This new process reveals whether the pathologies are passive or aggressive. This device determines the presence of cancer cells in the thyroid glands thanks to specific biomarkers (micro RNAs). 94% reliable, the highest level ever seen. Easy to use, this new screening tool is made available for everyone. It will be on the market in two years.

The benefits for the patient

The thyroid gland is essential for maintaining the human body’s normal temperature. Tissue removal disrupts its normal function. Surgeons who such interventions must have their patients take specific medications. This prevents complications, but can disrupt thyroid function for life. In addition, even after removal, the patient must keep on following this additional treatment. This considerably increases the risk of drug dependence.

We place our hope in research; all this will soon be nothing more but a thing of the past.

(Photo by CDC on Unsplash )

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