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The return to work after cancer

The return to work after cancer

Published : 2019-08-08 - Categories : Better living after cancer

The return to previous life

Once you have been treated for cancer, returning to work is an important step. It is a return to «former life" that marks the resumption of social roles. 

To find a professional activity is to find an importance among your family. Indeed, professional success is one of the major challenges in today's society. 

Mingling again with our colleagues means taking back our position in the world, and regaining our social ties that were lost during the disease. It is also the time we return to the financial situation before cancer. 

The resumption of professional activity, a moment both feared and eagerly awaited.

Feared because professional life is governed by a high level of demand, and the necessary energy may no longer be available. Moreover, meeting our colleagues at work means being confronted with the other's eyes. The other who has been informed of the disease, of our ordeal, and whose reactions are as diverse as they are personal... and we do not always control the image that is sent back to us.

It is therefore a time to become aware of the transformation brought about by the disease, and to measure our ability to move on to something else, without it.

Life after cancer, post-traumatic development

Yes, we can get a positive side in everything, even after going through something as difficult as cancer.

Moreover, the end of cancer is not always a return to the life before. It can also be a real existential, philosophical and relational revolution. Our life goals can totally change in very different directions from what it was before cancer.

It is then a question of a new self-rebirth.

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