Slow down with cold cuts!

Slow down with cold cuts!

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The World Cancer Research Fund advocates limiting the consumption of cold meats. According to the results of studies conducted by this institution, consuming 50 grams of cold cuts per day increases the risk of colon and rectal cancer by 16%.

 Worrying figures

The International Agency for Research on Cancer issued statistics that revealed that more than 3,000 French people suffer from colon and rectal cancer because of delicatessen products. The WHO has classified this processed meat amongst carcinogenic agents, in the same group as tobacco. Why is that? Researcher Denis Coppet is trying to give some answers. According to him, it is the food additives that cause the formation of colorectal cancer. "The iron contained in these products mixes with other molecules during digestion. This process leads to the creation of nitrosamines, carcinogenic chemical compounds. », He added.

 A Common sense advice

«The risk of developing colorectal cancer as a result of processed meat consumption remains relatively low for each individual, however it might increase according to the amount eaten on a regular basis," says Dr Kurt Straif of IARC.

The French High Council for Public Health advises limiting consumption to 27 grams per day, and 150 grams per week. 

Prevention is better than cure. It is better to live than to die. This is true no matter where you are. Cancer, all concerned.

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