Self-giving via facebook

Self-giving via facebook

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We can find almost everything on Facebook, news, product sales, courses, videos, messages, social facts... This online platform is a real information Eldorado. Like anything else, Facebook has its good and bad sides.

As regards personal data, you are the only one that can sort out yours. In this mass of information, one news item caught our attention. A Facebook post by a woman that suffers from blood cancer. Desperate, Marie Gélin is urgently looking for a bone marrow donor.  It's her last option, her leukemia came back. 

Finding a donor is like a chance in a million

Leukaemia is treated with a series of chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. Bone marrow transplantation is the only option to obtain the optimal results from these treatments. The stage of the disease requires a quite large amount of drugs or radiation. This is not possible without a blood stem cell transplant. This operation ensures the replacement of the affected blood, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. These blood stem cells are taken from the bone marrow. To be accepted by the patient's body and used for cancer treatment, they must be compatible with the receiver's blood. Finding a compatible donor is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Aware of this and upset by her illness, Marie Gélin made a call for help on Facebook.

Facebook made the impossible possible

Amongst the hundreds of thousands of Facebookers who saw Marie Gélin's distress call, one person responded. The latter’s blood met the conditions required and she volunteered for the bone marrow transplant. This news is a great relief for Marie Gélin. Her rescuer was finally there. The operation was performed in early January 2020. This mother is now in remission from her cancer. She made public thanks to her Good Samaritan on Facebook.

A living proof that miracles do exist. Sometimes it only takes an ounce of determination.

Cancer,all concerned!

(Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash)

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