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Wig : relieve your head

Wig : relieve your head

Published : 2019-05-10 - Categories : Welfare

Small gestures can help your scalp feel relieved from any itching or discomfort experienced during your day.

Here are some simple, quick and effective steps to follow.

Now it's time for relaxation !

1. Relieve your head by washing it

After wearing your wig, hat or turban for hours, you may have sweated. It is then important to wash your head by massaging it for a few minutes with your fingertips.

To wash your scalp you should use:

  • A soft shampoo, preferably neutral, without soap or perfume;
  • Or a shower oil, an ideal 2in1 to gently wash and moisturize the skin!

Shower oil also makes massage easier and this is essential because massage is a key element of hair growth.

So, enjoy this moment and have a relaxing shower.

2. Drying step

Taking care of your head is important so for its drying you go slowly by gradually tapping on the entire surface with a soft towel.

3. Apply a reactivating hair growth serum

The head is attacked while wearing a wig and needs to be soothed. To do this, a treatment must be gently massaged into the scalp. Your skin will come out revitalised and soft as a baby.

Avoid castor oil, which is greasy and will clog dormant capillary bulbs. 

To promote hair growth, Laboratoire RENASCOR has designed REDACTIV1® and REDACTIV2® treatments. 

If you have a bald head and want fast hair growth, REDACTIV1® has been created for that purpose. Its gel texture is perfectly adapted to bald scalps: it does not run and leaves no residue.

Following your treatments, your hair will grow. Once your hair is longer than 1 cm, choose REDACTIV2® treatment, adapted to this growth phase. Its non-greasy formula facilitates the penetration of active ingredients and allows a quick drying of the hair.

REDACTIV1® and REDACTIV2® are not greasy unlike castor oil. These serums reactivate the cells of the dormant hair bulbs.  

4. Finally, cover yourselves for total protection

At night, you should cover your scalp with a small cap, as comfortable as possible, to keep the heat emitted by your body. 

It is also advisable to fall asleep on a satin pillowcase to avoid any friction with the scalp.

Come on, it's time to sleep, let's count the sheep and see you tomorrow!

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