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Proton therapy: An optimized version of radiotherapy

Proton therapy: An optimized version of radiotherapy

Published : 2020-01-06 - Categories : Live better with cancer , Our news

The objective of using radiotherapy is to destroy cancer cells by breaking their genetic heritage. Up to this day, this method has been used to treat and stabilize a great number of cancer cases. But since it can also affect healthy cells, this procedure often causes discomfort and intolerance among patients. Gastric problems, discomfort, respiratory problems. Can this be avoided? Yes! The solution is already there. A whole new procedure:

Effective with much fewer side effects

An unconventional type of radiotherapy can eradicate cancer cells without generating that much adverse reactions.

Conventional radiotherapy uses x-rays (photons) to destroy cancer cells. As it is sometimes out of control, normal cells in the patient's body can also be affected. 

Proton therapy is more precise. More malleable, the protons used ensure a targeted and well dosed intervention. The result is the same as that produced by X-rays (the destruction of the DNA of cancer cells). The difference: it damages fewer healthy cells and significantly reduces intolerance.

Effective but expensive

Proton therapy has long been used in oncology. This type of radiotherapy is a reference for interventions performed on sensitive and dangerous areas of the body. It is generally used to target and annihilate tumours ont the areas of the skull and the eyes. Requiring the use of very expensive equipment, a proton therapy session is very costly (more than 1000 euros). The exorbitant price can also be explained by the fact that only few medical establishments perform this type of intervention.

Hopefully, this practice will be more popularized in a near future.  The operation will be more accessible to the majority of patients. Many lives will be saved.

Cancer, all concerned!

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