Chemotherapy and hair care

Chemotherapy and hair care

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Women then ask themselves: "How could I take care of my hair during chemotherapy? »

How to explain hair loss?

Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that acts on dividing cells. Cancer cells tend to divide.This leads to their destruction in case of chemotherapy. As a result, hair loss and all hair, i.e. eyebrows and eyelashes, are observed.

We are talking about alopecia here. Don't worry, it's temporary because hair and hairs grow back when the treatment is stopped!

Hair loss occurs approximately two to three weeks after the start of chemotherapy but sometimes from the first session. Hair falls out throughout the course of chemotherapy. The drop can be complete or spaced depending on the type of molecules used and the doses administered

Will my hair grow back?

Yes, hair loss during chemotherapy is temporary. The hair grows back when the treatment ends.  

To promote hair growth, the Laboratoire RENASCOR has designed REDACTIV1® and REDACTIV2® treatments. 

If you have a bald head and want fast hair growth, REDACTIV1® has been created for that purpose. Its gel texture is perfectly adapted to bald scalps: it does not run and leaves no residue.

Following your treatments, your hair will grow. Once your hair is longer than 1cm, choose REDACTIV2® treatment, adapted to this growth phase. Its non-greasy formula facilitates the penetration of active ingredients and allows a quick drying of the hair.

It is strictly not recommended to apply castor oil directly to the head. Castor oil is greasy and will therefore block the dormant hair bulbs. 

REDACTIV1® and REDACTIV2® are not greasy. On the contrary, it allows to reactivate the cells of the dormant capillary bulbs. 

How to slow down hair loss?

To slow down hair loss, there are solutions that can be used in addition to the cooling helmet.

The cooling helmet reduces hair loss. It reduces the blood flow to the scalp. The cooling of the scalp causes a reduction in the passage of chemotherapy molecules through the vessels on the surface of the head.

What if my hair fell out?

While waiting for the hair to grow back, you can always wear headscarf, turbans, wigs...

Have you lost your hair as a result of chemotherapy or other alopecia treatment, and you want it to grow faster? 

REDACTIV1® gel treatment has been specifically formulated for this purpose.

REDACTIV1® promotes:

  • A reactivation of the cells of the dormant bulbs,
  • A faster return to the hair growth phase,
  • New hair that is stronger and better anchored,
  • Denser, thicker hair,
  • Activation of the microcirculation of the scalp by gentle exfoliation. 

REDACTIV1® is indicated for total hair loss following chemotherapy, radiotherapy or certain drug treatments. Its gel texture is perfectly adapted to bald scalps: it does not run and leaves no residue.

Once your hair is longer than 1cm, choose REDACTIV2® serum, adapted to this growth phase.

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