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Hair loss after chemotherapy

Hair loss after chemotherapy

Published : 2019-05-10 - Categories : Better living after cancer , Welfare

Hair is precious to women and we like to take care of it. 

To help you, here are some tips and tricks to feel good about yourself!


After chemo, you'll see your hair grow back. In some cases, people see their hair growing back right away or it can take several months.

To promote and stimulate the growth of your hair, Laboratoire RENASCOR recommends the REDACTIV1® treatment, which reactivates the cells of the hair follicle, a faster return to the hair growth phase and activates the microcirculation of the scalp through gentle exfoliation. Do not hesitate to massage the head to make the treatment penetrate the epidermis! 

While waiting for your hair to grow back, you can wear head accessories: scarves, wigs, franjynes... Find the right accessory for YOU!


If you choose the scarf... Go ahead! Buy many of them in different color and match them to your everyday outfits.  

The scarf is a must-have fashion accessory in 2019. There are scarves with soft materials that are comfortable to wear. 

You can find scarves in many clothing shop and the price is affordable. 


If you prefer the wig, you will find what you are looking for! There are so many models of wigs: blonde, brown, red, pink, purple, short blue, long, curly, straight, natural, synthetic...

Choose a wig that comes closest to your natural hairstyle or be adventurous and try a crazy wig!

Are you a blonde with long and straight hair? Why not trying a red or platinum plunging square wig?

Wearing a FRANJYNES: an alternative to a wig?

What is Franjynes? So they are pretty bangs or hair strands integrated into the scarf. It is tied around the head and gives a very natural look!

Les Franjynes was created by Julie Meunier, a 27-year-old girl from Nice. Following breast cancer, she decided to find a better alternative to keep her femininity during treatment.

The principle of the Franjynes is simple: they are pretty scarves with an integrated bangs/hair strands to tie around the head to feel beautiful again despite the alopecia, and that the head is wrapped comfortably.

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