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Fighting pain during breast cancer

Fighting pain during breast cancer

Published : 2019-07-16 - Categories : Live better with cancer , Our news

This study involved 60 breast cancer patients from the region of Taiwan who volunteered to measure the possible effects of music on the pain caused by the disease and the treatments. 

The course of the study 

The 60 participants were divided into two groups: the first half were given an MP3 player filled with different types of music such as classical, pop or traditional music from their region.The other half received a device containing mainly ambient noise, such as that of singing birds and waves. 

Impressive results 

The first group (the ones with music in their headphones) observed that listening to music 30 minutes a daily, five times a week (over a 24-week period), seemed to help ease the pain a little! Women in this group noted having fewer negative thoughts, being a less tired, having more appetite and found it easier to concentrate.

Indeed, music has a very powerful effect on the brain because it produces endorphins, a hormone that provides a sense of well-being. 

It would appear that classical music helps to concentrate better, that jazz gives boost to the body, while rock helps to ease tensions.

The purpose of this study was to see if something as simple and free as listening to music could actually provide any comfort. And we find the results amazing!

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