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Fighting fatigue ? Here some tips

Fighting fatigue ? Here some tips

Published : 2019-05-10 - Categories : Live better with cancer , Welfare

Fatigue during and after cancer treatments can be a real inconvenience in your daily life. 

Cancer treatments can disrupt your sleep, eating habits, daily tasks and even your work habits.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for fatigue...

Nevertheless, we can relieve fatigue and our grandmothers know a lot about it !

Thank you, Grandma !

Grandmothers always have a natural cure for us! They make these remedies with all their love. We all remember this warm feeling after being cared for by our grandmother.

"Bye Bye Bye fatigue and hello to dynamism!"

Laboratoire RENASCOR presents 5 grandmother's remedies to fight against fatigue:


It is an anti-stress plant that will help to soothe your sleep disorders. Valerian is a natural remedy for anxiety related insomnia. It can be used as a herbal tea or as a liquid or capsule. 

For herbal tea we recommend the fresh roots of valerian. You should drink the tea one hour before going to bed or several times a day during your anxious moments.

Recipe: Boil 200g of water and pour 3g of fresh roots then filter before drinking. And that's it!


This medicinal plant, from Asia, is known for its anti-fatigue properties. It targets physical and mental exhaustion. Ginseng is also an excellent stimulant for your immune system.

Recipe: It is recommended to use organic ginseng. For the herbal tea, it is necessary to put 1 cm of ginseng root in 20 cl of cold water. Then boil for 5 minutes and finally let it infuse for 10 minutes. 

The Eleutherococcus

It is a shrub native to Siberia. Eleutherococcus is an: anti-stress, stimulant for your immune system, recovery activator, anti-inflammatory and general tonic. 

Recipe: For the herbal tea, put 2 to 4 g of dried root powder in 150 ml of boiling water. We recommend drinking 1 to 2 cups a day.

Cider vinegar with honey

This grandmother's remedy is a tonic for the body, an immunostimulant, an anti-fatigue. Cider vinegar stimulates the immune system and relieves fatigue.

Recipe: Mix 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey in a large glass of water. We recommend that you drink the remedy twice a day.


Oats have tonic properties. 

Recipe: Bring 1 tablespoon of oatmeal to the boil in 250 ml of water, then filter the liquid and cool it.

Carrot juice 

If you want to drink something to energize yourself, a tall glass of fresh carrot juice when you wake up is perfect for you! It will give you energy for the whole day! 

These grandmother's remedies will help you relieve your fatigue. 

BUT the most important thing is to get as much rest as possible!

Grandmother's remedies can relieve your fatigue, but you need to differentiate things according to their importance. Treat yourself and assess your ability to do things. Being attentive to yourself and your priorities is essential! 

You can always get help from your family, friends, neighbours...

How about sports? 

A sports activity is a very good way to fight against fatigue! 

Yoga or post-treatment fatigue coaching can help to combat sleep disorders and reduce fatigue.

Spa day at home 

Organize a Spa Day at home! 

Make yourself moisturizing masks, bubble baths, facials and body treatments.

Who doesn't like to be pampered? The socio-estheticians are here for you! Their job is to help you feel better physically and mentally.

Grandmother's remedies, rest, sport, self-care are actions to do to reduce your fatigue. 

Stay tuned to your body and your feelings! ☀️

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