Cancer survivor

Cancer survivor

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Steve Morin is the man who survived six recurrences of testicular cancer. His experience, a warrior's journey, a miracle. 

A miracle recovery

He was only a young man when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Even when treatments were completed, the disease kept on coming back. His oncologist predicts 180 days left for him. The treatments seem fruitless. The last alternative he could go for was surgery. But this option is more risky than his cancer itself. The size of the tumor and its location make the procedure very dangerous. Most surgeons he contacted refused to perform the operation, except one. The intervention was a success, his life was saved, and the cancer was cured.

A height lover

After his cancer, this family man is about to climb up the highest peak in Antarctica, at an altitude over  4,000 metres. From now on, no mountain will be high enough for his ambition and new state of mind. According to him "Fighting cancer, as those who are going though this know it so well, is no other than facing a mountain”. To achieve his project, he raises funds in an online platform. 

(Photo by Oliver Schwendener on Unsplash)

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