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Cancer on YouTube

Cancer on YouTube

Published : 2020-01-17 - Categories : Our news

Accessible and practical, the internet has become a must-have source of information. A recent study conducted by American scientists and published in the Journal of Cancer Education emphasized the importance of online health-related videos on cancer screening awareness.

 YouTube is the most visited

Created in 2005, YouTube has conquered the majority of Internet users with its simple, innovative in no time become incredibly popular . The arrival of smart phones and tablets on the markets has also played an important role in this situation. The Internet has never been so close to people. Now, with the YouTube mobile application, Internet users can easily view videos from their mobile phones. By 2019, YouTube has captured more than 30% of the world's mobile traffic.

What is the link with cancer?

The study carried out by American researchers enabled them to observe two key facts. YouTube is the most used by Internet users to find out information about cancer. People who view these videos know more about cancer and the importance of screening in the treatment process. You Tubers are more enthusiastic about doing it. Researchers have noticed that the number of people who are diagnosed with lung cancer has increased in proportion to the number of views of cancer videos on YouTube.

We encourage you to learn more about cancer. Being well informed is always an asset. Cancer, all concerned! 

(Photo by YTCount on Unsplash )

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