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Cancer: moving to live better and longer

Cancer: moving to live better and longer

Published : 2019-11-04 - Categories : Better living after cancer , Live better with cancer , Our news , Welfare

According to the WHO, physical activity refers to mobilizing skeletal muscles by using part of the body's energy. The scientific journal The effects of physical activity on cancer prevention, treatment and prognosis states that: "regular physical exercise is important to prevent the development of cancer and increase the life span of patients after treatment."

Exercising can prevent cancer

Physical activity generates chemical and physical reactions that are hostile to cancer cells. It also slows down the worsening of advanced types of cancer. The muscles used in physical exercise respond better to insulin and intercept blood sugar more quickly. This will reduce insulin production in the pancreas and stop the multiplication of cancer cells. 

Obesity is one of the factors that causes the formation of cancer. People who exercise on a regular basis have more control over their body weight. These individuals would be less likely to have cancer.  Physical activities reduce the periodic inflammation of the body and prevent the development of cancer cells in formation. The figures show a reduction of: 

- 25% of the risk of colorectal cancer,

- 25 to 30% the onset of breast cancer.

Exercising allows you to live longer after cancer

Many organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the World Cancer Research Fund recommend that people with cancer engage in 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity per day to increase their chances of survival. The activities to be practiced include dancing, gardening or simply cleaning the house.

A study carried out on women who exercise regularly reveals a decrease of 40% in the mortality rate after cancer screening. With this practice, the mortality rate of people with colorectal cancer is reduced by 20%. There is also an increase in the survival rate among prostate, lung and brain cancer patients.

(Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash)

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