CANCER: prepare for hair loss

CANCER: prepare for hair loss

The absence of the symbol of femininity often leads to a lack of self-confidence. 

Preparing before chemotherapy helps to make you feel more comfortable with hair loss.

The hair change prepares you psychologically for alopecia and here are some tips to prepare for hair loss!

A Ponytail 

As chemotherapy approaches, Laboratoire RENASCOR advises long hair to tie its hair. This way, the strands will not fall out everywhere at the beginning of chemotherapy. It's a practical solution for you!

A short cut 

It is ideal for you to cut your hair very short before cancer treatment. The goal is to reduce the psychological shock caused by the transition from long hair to bald head.

Another solution would be to cut them in several times to experience the change smoothly.

You have the choice of short cuts! Long square, short square, plunging square…

Shaving your head

Before treatment, women often choose to shave their heads completely. 

Give yourself time to make this decision and when you're ready, go for it!

Shaving your head will give you a sense of control and prevent your hair from gradually disappearing.

Attention! It is important to shave your head completly to avoid irritation caused by very short hair.

Precautions must be taken. We recommend that you have this task performed by a professional. 

To slow down or prevent my hair from falling out?

The method that is often used to slow hair loss is to wear a cooling helmet during your chemotherapy sessions.

Wearing a cooling helmet is very unpleasant for some people. You have to be able to withstand this intense cold. Even if the hair falls out, wearing the helmet will help you prepare for better hair growth after cancer treatments! 

Laboratoire RENASCOR created a treatment for you to accelerate hair growth. REDACTIV1® is a treatment that fights hair loss, stimulates growth so that your hair grows faster, and strengthens its anchoring.

Do some shopping!

To prepare for hair loss, one of the ways to feel good about yourself is to buy a wig!
If you've always dreamed of curly hair, platinum blonde hair or even purple hair, go for it! There are many models on the market. You can also find a wig that most closely resembles your natural hair.

In order to wear a wig, it is important to emphasize the wearing of a sub-base. It regulates the temperature of the head but also protects your skull from irritations or itching caused by the wearing of the wig.

And don't forget the fashion accessories!

Fashion accessories are everywhere! There are caps, hats, turbans, hair clips or other accessories to add to your turban and wig. You can find them in a wigmaker and in specialized stores … Treat yourself!

At the end of the day, do not hesitate to massage your scalp with REDACTIV1®. 

This treatment, designed by Laboratoire RENASCOR, will allow you to stimulate blood microcirculation thanks to the exfoliants found in the REDACTIV1® treatment. This will then activate and therefore promote the growth of your hair.

And here you are, now you are ready to overcome this step with serenity. 

Don't forget to keep smiling

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