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Cancer, get away!

Cancer, get away!

Published : 2019-07-18 - Categories : Live better with cancer , Welfare

The announcement of cancer, from misunderstanding to revolt

Learning that you are sick, or that someone you love has cancer, can be very disturbing. With misunderstanding, it is easy to get angry, to blame the people around you. We can be angry with the doctor who diagnosed the disease, with our friends who may no longer look at us in the same way, with our family who, just as we do, feel lost about such terrible news.

Tame your anger to rebuild yourself

Some people think we should hide our anger. Yet anger consumes your energy, hinders your ability to make the best choices. Lucidity and energy are vital in the fight against cancer.  It is crucial that we find a way to evacuate our anger.

Box Lib, the major programme of the Centre de Lutte contre le Cancer de Strasbourg

In France, at the Centre de lutte Contre le Cancer of Strasbourg, in France, the "Box Lib" program has been running boxing classes since 2016. This helps to tone the muscles, but also to rebuild a strong state of mind.

Methodology to transform anger into an energy source

- Acknowledge that we are angry;

- Describe this feeling with words instead of gestures;

- Take out one’s anger in an isolated place, away from others’ sights and ears, to scream, to shout,

- Express our emotions by writing them down on a suitable, anonymous and personal device (diary), or on which we will not be judged (FaceBook);

- Exchange with people who know our condition because they have experienced it (patient support associations and associations for patients' relatives);

- Turn anger into motivation to fight the disease.

Groups with evocative names on Facebook

Fuck cancer Frenchie, Cancer, dégage ! Putain de cancer (gilles de la tourette).

Cancer, we are all concerned!

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