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Cancer during pregnancy : What to do ?

Cancer during pregnancy : What to do ?

Published : 2019-11-18 - Categories : Our news

Pink October brought many surprises. There were testimonies everywhere. Survivors shared their experiences after their breast cancer diagnosis. Different emotions came out, one after another.

Being pregnant does not prevent the formation of cancer. Hundreds of the reported cases occur in this crucial period of a woman’s life.

This is probably one of the most inappropriate and complicated times. The ambivalence of the situation, joy of giving life, fear of losing one’s own, trying to protect both, oneself and this unborn child by doing everything  we can to fight cancer effectively.

Oncologists adapt treatments to this situation. Depending on the case, they may propose an induced childbirth, or let Mother Nature do the job. In rare cases, the mother's life is endangered and a medical termination of pregnancy will be necessary.

Indeed, no therapy can give a guarantee to save the fetus’ life.

Being pregnant and having cancer is one of the most complicated situations to live with.  The sense of prioritizing is a real “must”. One needs to measure the risk if the disease is not treated.

In this text, we will not make any judgments about the decisions made by patients. Because whatever the choice we make, it is either the life of the mother or that of the fetus that we will celebrate.

Cancer, we are all concerned!

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