Cancer, alcohol, obesity, what's the link?

Cancer, alcohol, obesity, what's the link?

Published : 2020-01-27 - Categories : Our news , Welfare

Liver cancer is a little-known yet devastating global scourge. It comes in the second position after lung cancer. Worldwide, there are more than 700,000 deaths from liver cancer recorded every year. Often diagnosed at an advanced stage, this type of cancer is difficult to treat. Professor and hepatologist Patrick Marcellin is adamant that liver cancer can be prevented.

Avoiding alcoholic cirrhosis

Alcoholic cirrhosis can develop into liver cancer. This pathology is associated with the abusive consumption of alcoholic drinks. The simplest thing to do is to moderate alcohol consumption. It is also strongly adised to be screened for cirrhosis as soon as possible.

Protect yourself against steatosis

According to Dr. Lawrence Serfaty: "fatty liver disease affects 20% of adults in 5 to 10% of cases of obesity and diabetes.»A person suffering from steatosis has a liver that is fattening. And this usually leads to the formation of cancer. To avoid it, you have to lose weight, watch your figure and why not eat healthy, exercise and be more active in life.

The ball is in your court!

Cancer,all concerned!

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