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Cancer: a real threat for Burundi

Cancer: a real threat for Burundi

Published : 2020-01-09 - Categories : Our news

In African countries, cancer is not yet a public health priority. In terms of funding, public health investments are more oriented towards

infectious diseases such as malaria or AIDS.

Burundi is a reflection of the African continent. Until recently, death reports following cancer were almost inexistent. In fact, poor hygienic

conditions and limited access to drinking water contribute to the development of viral and bacterial outbreaks. 

Difficulty to have access to antiviral treatment, and more generally to competent doctors, makes every disease a risk for life.

Africans do not have time to develop cancer. 

However, as living standards change and life expectancy increases, more and more cancers are developing and proportionately more people are

dying from cancer than from viral or bacterial infections.

The fight against cancer is therefore taking on its full meaning in Africa today. The needs are getting increasingly bigger .

- Prevention campaigns,

- Specific training for oncologists and radiotherapists,

- Affordability of chemotherapy treatments etc...

Burundi is in now in the spotlight because of the significant increase of cancer cases. All types of cancer are now present in the country:

- Breast cancer,

- Prostate Cancer

- Cervical cancer of the liver,

- Colorectal cancer 

- Osteosarcoma cancer.

As regards screening, there is still much work to be done. The only screening centre is based at Van Norman Hospital, in the economic capital,

and is currently planning to use telemedicine tools to reach and benefit the most remote populations.

As a reminder, the population of Burundi exceeds 10 million individuals.

Whether we are in Europe, Africa, or anywhere else, cancer, all concerned!

(Photo by Hugo Jehanne on Unsplash)

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