Cancer: a face-to-face battle

Cancer: a face-to-face battle

Published : 2019-11-29 - Categories : Better living after cancer , Live better with cancer , Our news , Welfare

With the collaboration of Miss Tahiti, Amazones Pacific helps women with cancer stay strong. Persuaded that we all should join hands in this fight against cancer, the group is continually organizing exchanges between cancer patients and women who survived this disease. The movement almost similar with the Pink October. The only difference is that this awareness campaign goes on all year round.

The ultimate goal of Amazones Pacific is to use human solidarity to provide moral support to women with cancer. During one of the meetings they organized, the patients were offered the opportunity to have their make-up made up by the beauticians at the largest importer of parapharmacy products.

It is very important to never forget that cancer patients are still women after all. It is essential to remain attractive and take care of one’s body in order to feel better and restore self-confidence.

(Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash)

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