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CANCER:  A better tolerance to treatments with sophrology

CANCER: A better tolerance to treatments with sophrology

Published : 2019-07-29 - Categories : Live better with cancer , Welfare

Sophrology is considered by the latest Cancer Plan of the Ministry of Health as a supportive oncological care.

The oncologist is treating. He is committed to destroying the disease. It is therefore advisable to take responsibility for your own well-being during treatment.

Live the treatments with serenity

Most people with cancer fear the side effects of the treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) used to treat the disease. Sophrology offers muscle contraction and breathing exercises that help patients relax and reduce feelings of pain.

Positive with sophrology!

Often with significant side effects, fatigue becomes inherent in chemotherapy.  Through visualization exercises, sophrology allows patients to project themselves onto an image of a strong and healthy self, to be optimistic about the effectiveness of treatments.

The Healing Marathon

You can't cure cancer in a day... Many patients lose faith, the hope they had at the beginning of treatment.  Being accompanied by an association, exchanging in Facebook groups is not always enough. So we recommend alternatives, such as yoga and sophrology. Indeed, these activities can help to regain courage during the battle.

The fight against cancer is not a sprint. It's a marathon.

Good luck.

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Laura Dubois

2019-08-03 03:14:45

Merci pour cette information. Vous avez raison, la sophrologie ça aide. j'en fais depuis 2 mois sur le conseil de mon oncologue.

Edward Jones

2019-08-03 02:41:05

Thanks for this topic. I'm going to talk about it with my oncologists. Though I'm on the terminal stage, it could at least lessen my pain.